Poetry by Jeff Green


make love to me

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On days of cold confusion when my heart is filled with lead
    And I can find no hint of poetry
When I have lost the sparkle and a fog has filled my head
    Make love to me

In dreams you’re here beside me and my head is on your lap
    Our eyes engage in sweet intensity
Your hair cascades around me and you speak as we unwrap
    Make love to me

I cannot see the future and the past is cast adrift
    Today is full of mental agony
Just let me hear the words you mouth to give my soul a lift
    Make love to me

I haven’t felt a lover’s touch in far too many years
    I cast up like some flotsam from the sea
In just four words you change things and you take away my fears
    Make love to me

In bed tonight please join me in a passionate embrace
    Conduct my mind to certain ecstasy
I want to rest in rapture lost inside my lover’s face
  So please in dreams tonight
                                        Make love to me