Poetry by Jeff Green


You are my love

by cricketjeff on May 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to be in love with you
The bunch of roses, glass of wine
A gentle touch long overdue
It’s all divine

I want to bathe inside your eyes
And play the music of your smile
To feel you strip my coarse disguise
For just a while

And yes I want to know your lust
To tear away all reticence
When you are near I know I must
Discard good sense

I want to bite and slap and play
To hear you scream and gasp my name
With you I know I’d throw away
The childhood game

I’d bring you chocolates, After Eight
To hear you say they make you fat
And eat and then recriminate
“You bloody rat”

I’d open doors to let you in
And treat you as a fragile flower
Then smack your bum just for the sin
Of knowing power

A kiss, a touch, a hand to hold
A dream inside, the stars above
To me you are Olympic gold
You are my love