Poetry by Jeff Green


The shadow of tomorrow

by cricketjeff on May 20, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the shadow of tomorrow there may be
Just a little bit of hope for you and me
In the memory of days we used to know
Are the maps to places we will never go

In the echoes of your footsteps lie the ghosts
Hollow shades are what is left of all our boasts
In the dreams we thought would be reality
Are the answers that could never set us free

There are paths we could explore another day
When the sun consents to wash away the grey
There are avenues where others fear to tread
And some roads you will not walk before you’re dead

Hold my hand and let me know that you are here
Then I’ll know there’s nothing left for me to fear
By your side I’ll face the world and wear a smile
If you’ll stay inside my life for just a while