Poetry by Jeff Green


The arm around my shoulder

by cricketjeff on May 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On that windswept beach at Seascale,
Where the mountains stare at Man,
Were you watching as I waited for the tide?
On the footpath through the Pennines,
Where the dry stone wall was down,
Was it you I knew were walking by my side?
When I waited in a downpour,
For a train that didn’t run,
You were with me like a warming cup of tea;
When your life is in the doldrums
And the sun has lost her shine,
Do you laugh off all those woes and think of me?

When my car was “hors de combat”,
And the buses went on strike,
It was you who told me “Fool! Go back to bed!”
When the snow was wet and muddy
But the slush refused to melt,
It was you that made it white inside my head.
When I wonder in the morning,
If today is worth the work
And I worry that I’m lost without a hope;
It is you who calls me stupid,
And it’s you who makes me smile,
You’re the ray of summer sun that lets me cope.

There are those without an angel
Who must walk along alone,
But you’re there to hold my hand inside my mind
I would kiss you in a moment,
And for all the rest of life.
Even if I knew you’d leave me far behind.
You’re the sun that wakes the morning,
You’re the moon that sings the night,
You are all I ever wanted, and you’re more.
Would I be your summer breezes
And your evening glass of wine,
Can I be the only man you can’t ignore?

Author notes

Prompt is

“It Was Raining In Delft”
by Peter Gizzi

Without using the word love.