Poetry by Jeff Green


Rodin in room 8

by cricketjeff on May 23, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

This motel has a garden where I took my cup of tea
And as I sat to drink it she approached and sat on me
It isn’t everyday a naked nymph hops on your knee
So what was I to do except to kiss her?

At first I kissed her tenderly and then with greater force
She kissed me back so eagerly without the least remorse
If this is on room service then I’m happy to endorse
The policy that says I ought to kiss her

She sat on me at teatime and we’re still here after dark
And I haven’t even noticed there’s a view across the park
But what I’m well aware of is I rather like this lark
Of a naked girl who’s very keen I kiss her

The moon shines down to see us with a tinge of jealousy
For the girl is such a beauty and she’s clearly keen on me
But I’m glad the moon has lit us ’cause there’s such a lot to see
Of the lady on my lap who said to kiss her

Now it’s 3am I’m sleepy and she takes me by the hand
I am pretty sure I know just what my young goddess has planned
And if I should stop my writing then I know you’ll understand
That I’m busy with the girl who bade me kiss her

In the morning I’m exhausted from a happy night of play
I have places I must travel in my far too busy day
So I’m packing my possessions and I’m getting underway
And I know that by tonight I’m gonna miss her!