Poetry by Jeff Green


Eating in the evening

by cricketjeff on May 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s bread and jam, a cup of tea, an orange and some cake,
No better form of supper for a man;
Or maybe there’ll be buttered toast (with cheese if you partake)
And company is always in the plan.
I often feel that cereal will fill an empty spot,
Or have a bacon sandwich if you think you’d like it hot.

Invite your friends to drink some wine, and cook a lightish meal.
You don’t want half a cow so close to bed.
The evening is the perfect time to tell her how you feel,
And supper is the way inside her head.
If you take her out to dinner she may think a lot of you,
But ask her in to supper and she’ll know just what to do!

The world revolves round dinner time, at half past eight or nine,
But dinner’s always best around midday.
So trust me when I tell that it’s supper that’s divine,
To end a day of work or rest or play.
I wouldn’t sleep without a bite, to feed the coming dreams,
And supper with the one you love’s as perfect as it seems!

Author notes

Not quite sure how the romantic bits got in there, they wrote themselves when I wasn’t looking.