Poetry by Jeff Green


A Harrowing tale.

by cricketjeff on May 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On the Northwest edge of London, there’s a Church high on a hill
Makes for energetic walking if you’ve got an hour to kill
There’s are woods and there’s a deer-park, loads of houses, also shops
Buses go in all directions, there are queues at all the stops
We have tubes and other railways, off to town or far away
Fifteen minutes into London if there’s not a long delay

I’ve a semi with a garden, and a garage and a pond
There’s a shed right at the bottom and allotments lie beyond
We have trees and loads of flowers, and we grow a lot of fruit
Lots of sparrows being cheeky and the blue tits looking cute
Though the house heeds decorating, and the roof a few repairs
It’s a handy little nest-egg for our brood of waiting heirs

Every day off to the station, for a quarter hour ride
Lost in music on my headphones as I do my best to hide
From the others in the carriage who are doing much the same
For avoiding other workers is the English national game
I like walking in my lunch hour and the towpath’s rather nice
Or a park where boys with footballs never need inviting twice

Sitting down to eat some dinner means a chance to dream of you
Bacon sandwich in the sunshine is the proper thing to do
If the evening is a good one I’ll walk home through parks with trees
Or I’ll find another bus-route and get whisked along with ease
Stopping off to get some shopping we’ll be sure to need some milk
Or a chat with my newsagent or some other of his ilk

Then it isn’t that much further ’til I’m home and drinking tea
And the prospect of an evening sitting writing poetry
There are blackbirds singing lovesongs and the baby next-door cries
Which is surely not the reason that the Moon begins to rise
On the Northwest edge of London on a plain suburban street
Is the house where I am sitting and my supper’s here to eat!

Author notes

In the UK a semi is a semi-detached house these are the most common form of housing in suburbia here.

A newsagent is a shop-keeper selling newspapers and magazines, and almost always cigarettes, sweets (candy), birthday cards etc.