Poetry by Jeff Green


Friends are bloody good!

by cricketjeff on November 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The thing about friends is you don’t really choose them
The really good friends don’t mind how you use them
And however you try you can’t really lose them
Friends are rather odd

If you need some money a friend is there paying
If you need some comfort a friend will be saying
If you want to wander a friend is there straying
Friends are rather odd

If you need some loving then don’t choose his sister
He won’t be to happy when he finds you’ve kissed her
Besides he has told you she’s a terrible blister
Friends are rather odd

If he’s got a car then you better not bend it
Although when it breaks he would like you to mend it
If he buys a dog you had better befriend it
Friends are rather odd

When your in a bar and the worlds getting hazy
And you’d buy him a drink but you’re feeling too lazy
He’ll think of a plan that is perfectly crazy
Friends are rather odd

When you get much older and rounder and slower
Your friend will assume that you’re still a goer
It’s just that your standards by now will be lower
Friends are rather odd

When all said and done you’ll be glad that you’ve got’em
Though many are the days that you wish you had shot’em
In the end you will find that you’ve never forgot’em
Friends are bloody good!