Poetry by Jeff Green


The Democratic Kingdom of Umbleania by the Sea

by cricketjeff on May 27, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Umbleania by the Sea
There’s now a true democracy
For Old King Bob has given votes
To all the nation’s sheep and goats

The population aren’t impressed
These ungulates are all obsessed
With spending toes on hay and straw
Which other voters must abhor

Next year the King had promised that
The new PM will be his cat
Whose policies are fish and rest
For all the friends he loves the best

A revolution’s getting near
But Good King Bob will never fear
The votes these animals all cast
Will meet a floral counterblast

And sanity is soon restored
When every living thing’s on board
For everything’s now fair and free
In Umbleania by the Sea

Author notes

Umbleania (pronounced Umble to rhyme with rumble and ania to rhyme with mania, wrestling is big there) you must have been there on holiday to journey through the hot steamy deserts of trees, and bask on it’s temperate glaciers …

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