Poetry by Jeff Green


A faded photograph

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We loved before the world rewrote the rules
And we’ll still love when everything has died.
There’s nothing wrong with two misguided fools
Believing all that matters is inside.

You held me in your arms the day we met
And held me on our wedding day, and night.
I’ve never had a moment of regret;
For fifty years you were my one delight.

But now ten years alone have bowed my head,
To kiss your lips I have to close my eyes.
In sepia tones I see you, though you’re dead,
The love remains when any lover dies.

My memory’s a faded photograph
And “still in love” my happy epitaph.

Author notes

the prompt was “Faded photograph”