Poetry by Jeff Green


The Moon inside the Sunset

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A silver crescent smiling in the pale blue evening sky,
      With sunset still a half an hour away.
The beauty of the night appears to prove she isn’t shy;
      For she can steal a heart as well by day.
And you, my love, are like the Moon you shine all day and night;
There’ll never be a moment when I’d wish you out of sight.

The wisps of white that fleck the blue now grow a golden fringe,
      And peachlight fills the palette of the West.
The twilight groans in slowly, like a creaking ancient hinge,
      And swallows dance before they go to rest.
And you, my love, spread colour too, you paint away the grey
That used to fill each moment till sweet Cupid came to stay.

The blackbird sings his praises to his lady, and his gods,
      The day will soon explode before his eyes.
A collared dove is cooing and a lime tree gentle nods,
      In Spring each sunset brings its own surprise.
And you, my love, surprise me with the laughter on your face,
I never guessed at happiness when you were not in place.

It’s time at last, the final blast, arrives in every hue,
      Apollo shows mere mortals how it’s done.
He’s painted pure perfection, pulling reds and golds from blue,
      A riotous display that sings of fun.
And you, my love, can match him with a brush against your lips,
You’re the Moon inside my Sunset you’re the nectar nature sips.

Author notes

And yes, the Moon is sitting enjoying a perfect sunset as I watch, a Blackbird is singing ten feet away and I have a cup of tea