Poetry by Jeff Green


Tides of emotion

by cricketjeff on May 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The tides of emotion and waves of sensation
That roll with her beauty like winds on the sea
She holds to the notion of sweet consummation
And hers are the words that will set a soul free

Intensely exciting so teasing and tempting
Her currents run deep round the waist of the world
Two lips so inviting her eyes are preempting
Yet deep in her heart a bold siren lays curled

If I had my leisure I’d sail on her waters
To find my nirvana on her secret shores
I long for the pleasure of Neptune’s fair daughters
The angels of passion a lover adores

The smallest of ripples the greatest of breakers
She never lies still when there’s life to be won
The sweetest of tipples is there for all takers
She’ll smile in a moment she’s ready for fun

You dive to her deepest and most secret places
Explore her forever wherever she leads
And find in her steepest most challenging races
The changeable lover that everyman needs

Author notes

All women are oceans …