Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on May 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sip of black coffee and dreams of excesses,
A galloping rhythm and wind in her tresses.
Not thinking of dances and beautiful dresses,
Just life on the back of a horse.

She’s never been one for a trip on a galleon
Or night at the opera sung in Italian.
Just give her her head, and a wild chestnut stallion,
Far happier riding a horse.

With wide open skies some would fly in a glider,
But far different movies are playing inside her –
A beautiful mare, she’s sat proudly astride her,
For all she desires is a horse.

Now back in her childhood and playing with Mary,
They’re rounding up cattle and riding the prairie,
Six shooters in hand to take down the unwary.
In every daydream there’s a horse.

Her work’s in a bank, where she’s known as a cutie,
She’s climbing the ladder by doing her duty,
But deep in her heart she is saving Black Beauty!
There’s no point to life with no horse.

She’s saved every bonus, now she’s a landowner,
Sits dreaming and drinking ’til he’s time to phone her,
The man from the stables delivering Mona.
She’s finally found her own horse.