Poetry by Jeff Green


Finding the Bard

by cricketjeff on May 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With perfect words you’ve filled my treasure chest
Replaced the kentledge there with fabled gold
Illyrian shores of old were never blessed
With tales as rich as you have always told

You’d fill a quire with moments from a dream
Conflate my hopes with living day to day
You make me search for poetry’s rich seam
Fastidious, but in the nicest way

I’d love to make a sandwich of your verse
Compressed between the bards of every age
An exercise for students to rehearse
The greatest works that ever graced a stage

When man is made to measure all he’s been
The value of your words are clearly seen

Author notes

Six words randomly selected from the dictionary (An old edition of Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary) as directed by the contest host. Composed into a sonnet tribute to “The Bard”, I have rhymed, I hope it doesn’t appear to be for rhyme’s sake, but a Shakespearean sonnet rather has to

kentledge, quire, fastidious, Illyrian, conflate, sandwich
cricketjeff is random