Poetry by Jeff Green


The Chocolate Cake Sonnet

by cricketjeff on May 31, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If you wanna choccy cake, then this is how you should begin;
Take a half a pound of sugar, same of butter, fold it in.
Four large eggs will then need breaking, each in turn but fairly quick,
Keep it beating with a mixer ’til it looks like baby sick.
Now six ounces of self raising (backing powder mixed in flour)
Sieved with two of fat free cocoa, beat it all at highest power.

Pre-heat oven, gas mark 4, three fifty Fahrenheit to you,
Line your cake tins, grease proof paper, ladle in the lovely goo.
Twenty minutes, maybe longer, until a skewer comes out clean.
Turn out on a rack for cooling, greatest cake you’ve ever seen.
We should ice it (some say frost it) butter cream will go on first;
Butter mixed with icing sugar, it’s a skill we’ve all rehearsed.

Finally make some glacé icing, feather ice until it’s nice
Ask me round to come and eat it, you’ll never need to ask me twice

Author notes

Yes it is the real recipe!