Poetry by Jeff Green


The wishing well

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I found a shiny penny, so I threw it in the well
And when I heard it make a splash I said this magic spell –
“Please wishing well can you arrange
To make today a little strange?”

I walked along beside the road and saw the strangest sight –
A cow was driving in a bus (the fit was rather tight).
It seems the well had granted me
My wish for silly things to see!

I caught the bus the cow was in, to travel into town,
Where people in the poshest shops were walking upside down!
I had to laugh a lady’s dress
Fell round her ears, and caused distress!

I stopped to buy a cup of tea, and see what else was odd,
The sandwiches were in a tank, they had a fishing rod
The customers all caught their food;
I waited while my tea was brewed.

The evening came, I travelled home, past ostriches on skis,
And when I reached the wishing well I thought to whisper, “please,
Tomorrow when I pay my fee
Give me more silly things to see!”