Poetry by Jeff Green


Jack and Jill went Sonnetting

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Young Jack and Jill went climbing on the hill
They had been sent to fetch a pail of water
But Jack fell down and ended rather ill
Quite swiftly followed by his mother’s daughter

They both got up deciding to run home
To tell their mum about the nasty caper
She took a look where Jack had cracked his dome
And bandaged him with vinegared brown paper

This tale became a sad parental crime
Dame Nob regaled her friends down at the inn
Poor Jack and Jill became a nursery rhyme
Can anyone recall more heinous sin?

You ask if now the children are OK
‘Fraid not they’re still in therapy today

Author notes

A fellow poet suggested Jack and Jill in iambic pentameter might make a pleasant change so …