Poetry by Jeff Green


National Heroes

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Down in Texas, long ago
Who was at The Alamo?
Mexicans were at the gate
Fighting for the Lone Star State

Fighting prairie dogs were there
But few Texans are aware
Davy Crockett’s right hand men
Were all rodents way back then

Terrified by all that sound
Prairie dogs fought underground
Tripping soldiers left and right
Tried to sap their will to fight

Some may say they did no good
I think they’ve misunderstood
You try staying in control
When your foot goes down a hole

Prarie dogs fought all day long
Mexicans were just too strong
Davy Crockett sadly died
All the rodents wept and cried

Texans all stand and salute
Fighters who are small and cute
They were at the Alamo
National heroes long ago!

Author notes

The photo is by Thomas Nelson

OK I hope it’s funny and about the picture, it’s full of prairie dogs but not much environment, it contains the true (truish, ok total BS!) history of the Alamo, and it is definitely “Something Else”!!!