Poetry by Jeff Green


Simon and the Supplier of Pies

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though Simon was a child with special needs
He recognised the man out selling pies
The people at the concert outside Leeds
Were sure to want his spicy pork surprise

Young Simon asked the pieman for a pie
The pieman said a pie was fifty p
Stump up the cash and he would soon supply
The finest pie the boy would ever see

Poor Simon found he had a lack of cash
And told the pieman he could not afford
To taste the pies intended for the bash
But maybe “one on tick?” the boy implored

In days like these he surely should have known
You need collateral to get a loan!

Author notes

These could get addictive!!!

Prompt #6 Simple Simon and it’s a Mothergoosean sonnet (That’s a Shakespearean Nursery Rhyme Sonnet )

For the non-Brits out there
“fifty p” is 50 pence, half a UK pound, and very cheap for a pie! “On tick” means on credit.