Poetry by Jeff Green


The greatest treasure

by cricketjeff on November 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Wake beside you, loved and warm
Looking on your sleeping form
Then you stir and pull me near
Nibble softly on my ear
Tease your nipples with my lips
Feel your bum with finger tips
Your hands hold my head in place
You push your breasts hard in my face
Up to breathe and up to kiss
Feel you pull me into bliss
Soft and gentle, loving, slow
Don’t start like pornographic show
Pace builds slowly, hands explore
All the time I love you more
On my back your fingers tease
Showing me the way to please
Tempo builds as passions rise
Lust exploding from your eyes
Thrusting bodies, loving harder
Hands explore with added ardour
Feel you tense, you moan and scream
My morning’s started like a dream
Now I join you drowned with pleasure
Love in the morning, there’s no greater treasure!

Author notes

I think this is more like it