Poetry by Jeff Green


Tomorrow’s World

by cricketjeff on June 4, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sky is sapphire blue, there’s golden sunshine all around
But only if you live above the clouds.
The weather’s not so perfect if you live down on the ground,
At least the rain will keep away the crowds.

The silver minnows nibble at the ripples of the rain,
The rest of nature’s beauty’s washed away.
I feel the need to cuddle in the shelter of my brain
And hope tomorrow brings a better day.

With candy floss for kisses, there’s a funfair on the green
And people-watching filling idle hours.
Tomorrow’s sky’s the bluest that the weatherman has seen
And rain is only joyous summer showers.

We’ll bump’em on the dodgems and we’ll scream the Ferris wheel
Then share a melting ice-cream with a smile.
Tomorrow’s always perfect and in dreams it’s always real
A happy place to spend a little while.

But work dictates, and phones complain, tomorrow fades to grey
I tuck you back inside your special place.
When rain arrives with misery I put away today
And find tomorrow’s smile back on my face.