Poetry by Jeff Green


A precious paper dart

by cricketjeff on June 5, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

paper aeroplanes

I wrote you all my loving and I gave it to the wind,
      A kiss and all the contents of my heart.
I folded it so carefully and then, when Zephyrs grinned,
      I waved away that precious paper dart.
It soared toward the sunset like an albatross at sea,
A tiny scrap of paper that contains the truth of me.

I wrote of all the secrets that I hoped would make you smile
      And pressed my lips to every loving line.
I asked the breeze to bring you all the love I could compile,
      The feelings that I know you’ll know are mine.
I see it in the sunset, floating high above the sea,
My letter to my dream girl who tonight will dream of me.

I wrote of love in longhand, in a sonnet full of sighs;
      With words to melt an iceberg in a trice.
I know the winds will bear them and unfold them for your eyes
      But nothing I could send you would suffice.
And now beyond the sunset they will glide across the sea,
To tell you that I love you and I want you here with me.

I know that when you read it you will send a letter too,
      To answer all the wishes of my heart.
I’ve asked the wind to promise he’ll deliver it for you,
      I’m waiting ’til I see your paper dart.
A tiny speck is growing in the sunset on the sea,
A folded piece of paper bringing kisses back to me.

Author notes

The picture is by Tae Sang