Poetry by Jeff Green


My gardener

by cricketjeff on June 6, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Take the time to place your footprints on the inside of my mind
      And step by step you’ll change my point of view
Hide the key to set you free beneath a stone I’ll never find
      Now the garden of my heart belongs to you

I can feel you as you wander through the footpaths of my dreams
      As you brush against the shrubs my life has grown
All their leaves have seen the beauty of your multicoloured beams
      And they know you’ll always shine for them alone

Pick the roses as your passing they were yours before we met
      I’ve been growing up to meet you all my years
There is nothing I could give you that would pay the heavy debt
      You have given me a freedom from my tears

Every fragment of my writing is a jigsaw piece of me
      Only you can make the pieces into one
In the moment when I met you I was first allowed to see
      That the life I was preparing had begun