Poetry by Jeff Green


What this world needs

by cricketjeff on November 5, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What this world needs in times of trouble
Is no more buildings bombed to rubble
No need for children blown to bits
By careless troops or zealous nits
Everyone take my advice
What we need is much more “nice”

What this world needs before it’s wrecked
Is not the trash we all eject
Outdoor heat to melt the snow
Or lights that make the whole sky glow
We’ll clean up land and sea and air
If we just take a little care

We need no red-necked revolution
Burning books on evolution
No Ayatollahs’ brand new rules
Backed by weapon toting fools
We need to do as history’s taught
And all of us use much more thought

No crazy schemes that flood whole towns
No smiling leaders faking frowns
No brand new saviour’s instant fix
No politicians’ dirty tricks
What this world needs and we all know it
Is a lot less twit and a lot more poet!!!