Poetry by Jeff Green


Coming Home

by cricketjeff on June 9, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Far away I hear you singing like an echo on the breeze
That you’ll wait for me forever as I cross the broiling seas
Far away I see a vision of you dancing on the shore
Tell all the world you love me, but it’s me that loves you more

I have travelled all the oceans and fought wars to keep you free
Hearing songs above the battles as you danced your love to me
And I feel you every morning and you’re there before I sleep
Making music with the mermaids on the edges of the deep

In your heart you know I’m with you in our green remembered isle
Where the rain drops ate the sunshine as I kissed you at the stile
I am playing gentle music while you dance across the sand
I am coming home to win you from this hell found foreign land

Far away I hear you singing you’re my echo on the breeze
You’re the rope that tied me safely to my home across those seas
You will dance for me forever gentle maiden I adore
When I sail back home to meet you on the beach of Moorlough Shore

Author notes

Inspired by Moorlough Shore by Caroline Lavelle