Poetry by Jeff Green


Revolutionary fervour!

by cricketjeff on June 10, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Bindybandy on the Sand
A revolution has been planned
The population (forty six)
Have seen corruption they must fix
Old Queen Uptoit, it appears
Has cooked the books for many years

She sold the jewels bought for her crown
To buy a night out on the town
Her golden robes she gave away
For six pound thirty on e-bay
And worst of all she had the pluck
To buy an island for her duck!

Her Consort wasn’t always straight
And paid his taxes rather late
He owes six pounds and half a sheep
The sleaze and slime runs very deep
The population’s on the way
To tell the Queen she’ll have to pay

She’s flipped her homes and that’s not right
Stayed at her sister’s overnight
She’ll have to go, or at the least
Cook all the citizens a feast
A revolution has been planned
In Bindybandy on the Sand

Author notes

Few of you, I am sure, will have visited the landlocked island of Bindybandy on the Sand, wholly surrounded as it is by Umbleania by the Sea.

If you do wish to visit the only available route is to take a cruise ship from Denver, or walk from Chiswick High Street.