Poetry by Jeff Green


Losing the Night

by cricketjeff on June 11, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The London night is peppered with a thousand tiny stars
        But never with the silver milky way
We’ve sprinkled ghostly glow-worms to make safer roads for cars
        And lost the finest sights of yesterday
I’d have to move one hundred miles to see one million lights
And bask beneath the theatre of those dark departed nights

When I was young my Father worked a few weeks in Japan
        And brought me a reflecting telescope
I turned my gazing skyward and saw worlds untouched by man
        Which filled a childish mind with dreams and hope
But now for city children there aren’t stars on winter nights
They’re lost inside the overflow of closer manmade lights

Each year I’m driven farther to observe amazing scenes
        Which man has seen for all his years on Earth
The time is fast approaching when we will not have the means
        To show our children what the night is worth
So if you have the fortune to live far from wasteful lights
Take time to drink the beauty of your deep black star-drenched nights