Poetry by Jeff Green


Modern Music!

by cricketjeff on June 12, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Bindybandy on the Sand
The Queen has formed a marching band
She wants to win the Golden Bow
At some quite famous music show
The problem is no-one can play
They only started yesterday!

The Krummhorn section numbers six
And contrasts with four girls on sticks
The Prince renowned for ten left thumbs
Is playing jazz on kettle drums
The Queen herself shows off her skill
On triangle and ostrich quill

The Parrots make a mournful moan
While learning to play sousaphone
The baboon with the reddish face
Is quite a star on double bass
But nothing’s going to steal the show
From Nellie on the Piccolo

Conductor James is more tone deaf
Than that old nutcase cricketjeff
Whose trombone tones will be employed
(Though truth to tell won’t be enjoyed)
Rehearsal’s set for ten to eight
The organists says she’ll be late

The count begins, they’ll start on four
(Since Albert can’t count up to more)
The sound they make is rather “new”
And maybe won’t appeal to you
When they strike up you’ll want to be
In Umbleania by the Sea!

Author notes

Bindybandy is a small Polynesian Kingdom in the Middle of Europe, sharing a short land border with New York State and New Zealand.

Umbleania (pronounced Ummm Bull Eh? nyeah) is a large mountainous country liable to severe flooding, between Moscow and Texas, and well outside the range of even the worst band in Bindybandy!!!