Poetry by Jeff Green


They were playing our song!

by cricketjeff on November 6, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Watford, in a nightclub, while the band were still on stage
We had some little urges that we needed to assuage.
So I sat upon a bench seat, and my lady sat on me
Beneath her skirt we coupled in a way no-one could see.
The throbbing of the music as we sat and heard the band
Had an effect on each of us, as you will understand.
The band headed for crescendo (means that they were getting loud)
We too were getting louder, though still drowned out by the crowd
We weren’t exactly dancing, but we were not sitting still
As the act was nearing climax there was little time to kill
So we started getting bolder and we quite ignored our friends
We were no longer hearing music but pursuing our own ends
My hands were in her t-shirt and a breast was in each palm
Though we tried to look quite natural, we can’t have looked too calm.
Before the singer finished, before the final beat of drum
Then the two of us were satisfied and each of us had come
It really was quite fortunate that the lights were not too bright
And we’d time to hide the evidence, before heading home at night
And after dropping off our friends, before going home once more
We parked along a quiet line and had our own encore!