Poetry by Jeff Green


Not quite past it!

by cricketjeff on June 14, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve always been attracted to the edges
Where things are not as simple as they seem
The countryside is best along the hedges
And cliff-top paths are where I love to dream

On summer days I long to walk on beaches
To dip my toes as waves approach the shore
And when I’ve dared to touch the furthest reaches
I’ll always want to stretch a little more

And then I found an unexpected pleasure
When I had thought I’d reached the furthest rim
Perhaps a final chance to grasp the treasure
To bathe in waters where the sirens swim

Now years have brought me minor aches and twinges
But I still want to live life on the fringes

Author notes

I like alternating male and female rhymes, males next to females is how it should be!!!