Poetry by Jeff Green


What a night!

by cricketjeff on November 6, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Soft and gentle loving as we lay upon her bed
I am still within her body placing kisses on her head
My fingers have her nipples and they hold them not too tight
And we’re going to be loving for the next eight hours of night

  First inside her pussy I will leave a dose of cum
  Then she’s sure to ask me for another in her bum
  A sixty-nine at some point I would say is on the card
  The only problem that I see – eight hours of staying hard!

Slow and steady loving, we have hours of night to fill
So well spend some time just cuddling and laying very still
Her hand will cup my bollocks and my hands will hold her cheeks
And it maybe many moments before either of us speaks

  Doggy style and hard and fast, is what we’re up to now
  Just now she was a cowgirl, I was mooing like the cow!
  The Kama Sutra’s many pages we will try to try them all
  The time we’ve marked for sleeping is so very very small!

Holding gently arm in arm, looking in each other’s eyes
Resting in between the bouts of erotic exercise
Still we’re staying coupled as to do so seems so right
We’re hoping we can stay that way for many hours tonight

  In the morning we’ll have loved, and played the whole night through
  There won’t be many ways we haven’t done our best to screw
  We’ll be very very tired and we may be rather sore
  But one thing you can bet is we’ll be ready for some more!

Author notes

The fifth stanza was omitted straight after I wrote it to make the poem short enough for a contest, it is now as I intended it to be.