Poetry by Jeff Green


Cocktail Party

by cricketjeff on June 17, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A party on the beach will ebb and flow
As cocktails lubricate the dancers feet.
By ten p.m. there’s lots of skin on show
And Caribbean drums beat up the heat.

She turned her head and fluttered me a wink,
Then wiggled in a way I could not miss.
I took her hand and offered her a drink –
She thanked me for a perfect lover’s kiss.

We followed up with paradise for two,
A long sloe screw for her and sex for me.
An elbow in the tits was something new
And then we had a fruity fuck, or three.

So full of fun we moved to summer’s tunes
A horizontal dance between the dunes!

Author notes

A cocktail party with the Queen of Passion, Happy Birthday Tory!