Poetry by Jeff Green


Go girls!

by cricketjeff on June 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When Lottie Edwards won the toss
It was a good beginning
Then Sarah Brunt said “I’m the boss”
And England’s girls were winning
The Kiwi girls in disarray
The final was at Lord’s today

Now Jenny Gunn and Nicki Shaw
Were onto centre stage
The Kiwi’s knew they needed more
But scoring took an age
More wickets fell to England’s team
They won’t believe it’s not a dream

When Pulford batted number ten
It surely was too late
She scored as well as many men
But England were too great
No-one could think that eighty five
Would keep the White Fern’s chance alive

Now it is England’s turn to bat
The second ball’s a four
The wicket’s looking very flat
They needed sixty more
We know the Kiwis won’t give up
They want to win this first world cup

The fielders pounce on every shot
To keep the scoring slow
But since they do not need a lot
There’s loads of time to go
Now Lottie Edwards scoring fast
Is making runs but cannot last

Two Taylors now take up the chase
With nineteen on the board
No need to aim for outer space
That would be untoward
As long as very few are out
New Zealand haven’t got a shout

Before the second wicket falls
It’s nearly halfway done
They’ve got to bowl too many balls
To think there will be fun
New Zealand though don’t want to lose
And hope the wicket lights a fuse

More wickets fall, but slowly and
It never looks enough
It doesn’t need a major stand
Just ones and twos and stuff
There’s four to get, no quandary
Clare Taylor smacks a boundary

Old Father time looks down to see
The ladies celebrate
It’s quite a change for MCC
One hundred years too late
The medals won and speeches made
It’s time to see the champagne sprayed!

Author notes

First women’s T20 in sixains