Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 22, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s tennis on the telly and there’s strawberries for tea
The sun is almost shining and there’s no more work for me
It’s time for heading homeward through the park and past the trees
Where a kestrel hangs above me on the breeze

The evening lies before me and perhaps a glass of wine
There are are roses and a clematis that love to intertwine
The cars along the main road make a ruddy awful din
But the entrance to the park invites me in

There is football and there’s cricket and a dog that’s run away
As the mothers sit and natter while the children run and play
And I’m walking on to Shakespeare that is ringing in my ears
I could make these tranquil moments last for years

But too soon I find the exit and I’m walking down the street
Thinking grass is so much nicer than this paving under feet
And I can’t get lost in Hamlet when the traffic wants to kill
But in spite of that the words are still a thrill

I’ll get home to see who’s winning and who has to head on home
But until I’m through the front door I have liberty to roam
So I’m dreaming of the parkland and a gentle summer breeze
With me sitting kissing you beneath the trees