Poetry by Jeff Green


Walking in Moonlight

by cricketjeff on June 24, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We were walking by the river as the sunset ate the sky,
Watching weeping willow branches hide the ducks that hurried by.
We were wrapped inside each other as the moon began to smile,
Waiting for the stars to join her in her hallways for a while.

I was telling you the story of a book you’d never read
And the visions of its heroes chased today clean out my head
But the book was soon forgotten and the stars were in eclipse
When you hushed my pointless babble with your lips against my lips.

Every star became a firework in a million pound display,
While the river played the zither and the ducks were chased away.
Every dream my nights had shown me, every wish I’d ever made,
Came to give their tender blessing to the gesture you had made.

I was older and more foolish when we carried on our walk,
Where the weeping willow branches hid the moon and watched us talk.
I’m still locked inside the instant when I came to realise
That you loved me, as I’d loved you since I first drowned in your eyes.

In your arms I’m walking slowly, just a little off the ground,
With the promise of a future and a hope so newly found
And your smile is dancing slowly in the soft light from the Moon
For no story could be sweeter than a love song born in June.

Author notes

I haven’t rhymed Moon and June in such a long time