Poetry by Jeff Green


The twists and turns of history

by cricketjeff on June 25, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Umbleania by the Sea
They’re giving cakes away for free
The same thing happens every year
Folk gather round to eat and cheer
It celebrates the national day
When King Bob led the breakaway

When Umbleania on the Hill
Controlled the whole peninsular still
Umbleanians everywhere
Had little happiness to share
So Bob the first, that famous man
Devised a most unusual plan

He trained his men to run and hide
So Hill  troops searched them far and wide
They marched and hunted all about
Until they were all tuckered out
Then Bob rose up to claim his win
And independence could begin

In Umbleania on the Hill
King Bertram was extremely ill
They’d nothing left to celebrate
A sorry story to relate
The rulers of this saddest land
Decided  happiness was banned

The people though were not convinced
Such policies should be evinced
They left the Kingdom two by two
To seek for lands and fortunes new
And so arrived, now three by three
In Umbleania by the Sea

Author notes

Some people claim to be confused. As a result of this I have asked the Umbleania tourist office to prepare a whole new series of maps. They misunderstood and prepared a whole new series of maps of South Australia, which may not help.

I will try to do their job for them.

The easy way to get there is to fly from Bindybandy on the Sand then take a camel across the Bay then complete your journey by cable car.
Alternatively it is a very pleasant cycle ride from Toledo, via Woggawogga. I hope this helps.