Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 26, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Do not delay, don’t act today,
There’s too much not to do!
Don’t run away, you have to stay,
You have to “not do” too.

Procrastinate, it’s not too late,
Put off the evil hour!
To sit and wait is truly great!
(Say all who are in power.)

Each president, you know who’s meant,
Prime Minister or King,
Will not relent in their intent
To not do anything.

Like learned mules, all powerful fools
Know what I say is true.
They sit on stools, inaction rules,
Sit back enjoy the view.

If you invest disinterest
You’ll never be to blame.
The active rest will fail the test,
Then you can win the game.

Put off until you’ve had your fill,
And then delay some more.
Stay very still, pretend you’re ill,
Show energy the door.

The active lose! Lie back and snooze,
Tomorrow’s soon enough.
I always choose life’s avenues
That do not look too tough.

Now GO AWAY, please NOT TODAY!
You’re going to make me weep.
No time for play, don’t make me pray,
I’m busily asleep!!!

Author notes

prompt: Beat the rush. Procrastinate now!