Poetry by Jeff Green


The greater McGonagall revisits the Tay

by cricketjeff on November 8, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Silv’ry Tay, ‘neath Railway
Was filled with train one stormy day
Tragic loss, of worker and boss
When the train the bridge did toss
All the land, the small and grand
Just never could quite understand
How bridge so strong, and fine and long
Could have got things oh so wrong
On darkest night, a fearful sight
As all the passengers met their plight
Our glorious Queen, was not serene
She thought the weather awful mean
So this poet fine, thought he’d pen a line
And its brilliance is all mine
To remind us all what can befall
A train on a bridge in a storm not small.

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Poem for a contest in tribute to one of the worst poets of all time, The Great McGonagall