Poetry by Jeff Green


The mystery beyond

by cricketjeff on June 28, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Floral beauty by a window leads to mystery beyond,
Through the arches in the hedgerow lies the ancient village pond;
Where a lover and his maiden took their lives so long ago,
In the beauty of the winter in a world encased in snow.
She was pink as perfect peonies, just a blush away from white,
He was toxic as delpiniums, though his blue was dark as night.
They had met as was quite proper at the Worcester’s summer ball
But the consequence of courtship led them to a dreadful fall.
When she said that she expected and he told her he was wed,
There was nowhere they could run to so they wished that they were dead.
There was dancing up to midnight on their last midwinter’s eve,
Then they walked between the hedgerows in a love few can conceive.
They walked slowly into water both quite certain they would drown,
Dressed for dancing not for swimming in a formal coat and gown.
Not a sign of any struggle, not a ripple reached the shore,
And our lovers were together, locked in love for evermore.
Now they’re there beside the window, in a vase but not in life.
Seen as peonies and delphinums, not as local lord and wife.
Floral beauty on a table has this story it can hide;
Of two foolish ancient lovers and the tragic way they died.

Author notes

Thought I’d be a little different