Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on June 29, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When I look for love and laughter you’re the giggle in my mind
You’re the lucky silver sixpence that I’ll never leave behind
You’re the bacon in my butty you’re the cherries in my scone
In the months since I first met you I have never been alone

When I’m bluer than the ocean you’re the boat I want to see
You’re a perfect South Sea island where I’ll find my liberty
You are Laurel to my Hardy when I’m broken you’re the glue
When there isn’t any answer all I ever want is you

If my life’s a game of tennis you’re my backhand down the line
When I want a little tipple you’re a glass of vintage wine
After dark you are the moonlight, in the daytime you’re the sun
You’re the looks that tease a lover and are always meant in fun

If I’m one of these in your life then you’ve given me my smile
If you say you want me near you I’ll be with you for a while
There are stories all about me but just one can’t be denied
Though my life has been a good one it is better by your side

Author notes

“butty” a regional, mainly Northern English, synonym for sandwich.