Poetry by Jeff Green


I crave your sweet caresses

by cricketjeff on June 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I crave the sweet caresses of your searching fingertips
      The tender little touches of your hair
I need to feel the pressure of your urgent parting lips
      And draw a breath from your discarded air
I want to know the passion that is burning in your eyes
And understand the meanings of the softest of your sighs

If I could hold you closely on the grass beneath the stars
      And tell you all my story in a kiss
I would never strive for glories or be envious of Tsars
      For nowhere else in nature knows that bliss
Each night you are the pillow that lies soft against my cheek
And deep slow breaths of sleeping hold the words I want to speak

If you would be my lover for a thousand years or more
      Perhaps we could exhaust the love I feel
But in a dozen lifetimes there would still be more in store
      Each day would hold another sweet appeal
For you are all my dreaming and the future I desire
The spark of living sunshine that can set the day on fire

The tides that brush the beaches and the winds that comb the sea
      Are almost sure to fail before my dream
The Earth will cease its spinning long before you cease to be
      The star that gives my eyes their happy gleam
I want you for forever and I hope you want me too
Tomorrow can’t exist without the thought of me and you