Poetry by Jeff Green


More beautiful than stars

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I find true beauty in the stars that decorate the night
      And in their Queen the shining silver moon
I love to lie on summer hills and marvel in the light
      That’s lost within the golden dawn too soon
And as I lie on balmy nights beneath pure velvet skies
My mind, at times, will wander to the beauty that’s your eyes

I marvelled at the beauty when a willow kissed the lake
      And moorhens hid within its dappled shade
A waterfall at sunset saw me stand in awe and shake
      As shattered diamond rainbows were displayed
The beauty of that waterfall was mine for just a while
But in my dreams I’ll always keep the beauty of your smile

I closed my eyes as Mozart filled my ears with liquid gold
      And dreamed that I was floating with each note
The French horns spilled more melody than any sea could hold
      The orchestra provided me a boat
Although the music lifted me if I could have my choice
I’d give away all Mozart’s art to listen to your voice

The break of dawn on Snowdon saw pure gold meet fresh laid snow
      A sight to make the heavens hold their breath
And everyone who ever lived should marvel at that glow
      Then know they’ve seen it all before their death
But mountains touched by winter or a valley jewelled with dew
Will never mean as much to me as catching sight of you

Author notes

A moorhen is a small waterbird, a bit like a cross between a hen and a duck. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales.