Poetry by Jeff Green


I heard your name in whispers

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I heard your name in whispers as the South West wind went by
      A gentle breeze that stirred the garden’s sleep
And later when the Moon appeared she wrote across the sky
      The promise that your love was mine to keep

An aging oak spoke highly of the beauty of your hair
        And rustled leaves to show he meant his words
I can’t be sure but think I smelt your perfume on the air
        While listening to the songs of laughing birds

The blushing of the roses is a tribute to your cheeks
        And cornflowers hold the secret of your eyes
I hear your song and laughter when the ancient church bell speaks
        And carries sweet perfection to the skies

The stream that trickles gently on the lonely mountainside
        Is not as fresh as kisses from your lips
And nothing meets the pleasure that you charmingly supplied
        Beneath your sweetly searching fingertips

You wake me in the morning with a thought of happiness
        And tuck me up in bed to chase my dreams
Your laughter in the evening serves to wash away the stress
        That tries to tear contentment at the seams

Please promise me you love me and that we will never part
        I’ll give you all the world and half the sky
You’re all I’ve ever wanted and the owner of my heart
        Together we will teach the world to fly