Poetry by Jeff Green


Melvin in Autumn

by cricketjeff on November 10, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Melvin likes the sunny city
Trees and parks all looking pretty
Eating lunch sat in the sun
Leaves are falling one by one

Martha’s lunch is by his side
“I won’t be late” he knew she lied
Christmas shopping’s what she’s at
No way she’d ever hurry that

Martha’s late, Melvin can cheat
He can choose what he should eat
Starts of with a chocolate biscuit
Very naughty, should he risk it?

Here she comes, he’s just in time
If he’s not caught it’s not a crime
Bags and boxes by the score
Martha’s laying on the floor

She’ll never say what she’s been buying
You bet that won’t stop Melvin trying
He really wants to see the toys
She’s bought for all the girls and boys

Chiané and Jack and all of the others
Including their terrible sister’s and brothers
When Christmas arrives will be happy to get
The best lot of presents that Martha’s bought yet

Melvin’s just happy with life as he’s living
He’s glad that his Martha gets such fun from giving
But he gets his pleasure in a quite different way
From lunching with Martha on a warm Autumn day