Poetry by Jeff Green


Bath night!

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Hot droplets running down the contours of your spine
While soft and female fingers find themselves entwined with mine
Shower gel and kisses and a sense of having fun
A shower shared by two is always sexier than one

A sponge may get you cleaner but a breast can do the job
You whisper very slyly that you’re sure you feel me throb
I counter with a question that is met with ooos and ahs
But I’m not sure the readers need to know particulars

The heat is rising quickly but the water’s not too hot
You tell me that I’ve scratched an itch in just the perfect spot
I’m getting quite excited as you kneel to wash some more
I think we may have spilled a little water on the floor

It’s turn about and now your turn to scream aloud my name
I wonder if the neighbours guess the nature of our game
But nothing really matters since we’ve joined in harmony
I’m bloody glad you asked if you could have a shower with me

Collapsing now in ecstasy I wonder if we’re clean
I’m studying the parts of you where parts of me have been
Before I’ve even thought about a dreadful aftermath
You whisper very naughtily “You want to share a bath?”