Poetry by Jeff Green


Brenthall Meadows

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve been walking in the meadow where the grass is half as high
As the nasty minded thistle that was aiming for my eye.
There’s a rather dirty river but the scene is quite serene,
And at lunchtime it is pleasant to be walking where it’s green.

In the summer here in London any park’s a welcome break,
From the purgatory called working and the office give and take.
There’s an overdose of sunshine and it’s half as hot as hell
But the shade is quite delightful, there’s a gentle breeze as well.

In the trees beside the water there are birds and butterflies,
And a mess of meadow flowers casting scent towards the skies.
There is pollen, so I’m sneezing, but the walk is worth the price,
City pockets full of country have the power to entice.

Down a path, that’s paved with concrete, so I’m glad it’s out of sight,
Is a golf course strewn with hackers who try hard to get it right,
But this meadow sees few people, there’s a squirrel on those logs,
Just a few like me escaping and some walkers with their dogs.

Now I’m back beside the traffic roaring down a six lane road,
And I’ve left the quiet kingdom of the rabbit and the toad.
As I stroll back to the office, through a subway, down a street,
In my mind I’m still enjoying an unusual lunchtime treat.