Poetry by Jeff Green


Tom Bombadil

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the forest’s dark and fusty, short cuts lead to long delays.
Though you think you’re safe and hidden better stick to well trod ways;
For the hearts of ancient willows are malevolent and black
And if you give them any leeway they are certain to attack.

There’s a spirit in the forest, far more ancient than the trees,
With a smile made out of sunshine and a laugh that’s like the breeze.
Picking lilies for his lady as he walks down every path,
If you carry your good fortune he’ll avert the aftermath.

He’s not daunted by the devils of the modern world outside.
But he’s found his own small Eden where he’s happy he can hide.
With his lady, fair Goldberry, she’s the streams that cross his land,
He was born before all creatures and few folk can understand.

Other readers may dismiss him, he’s not central to the tale,
But they’ve lost the bigger picture, you can’t miss the least detail.
Sauron isn’t quite the power that his enemies all fear,
Read this chapter and the next two and I think you’ll find that’s clear.

Author notes

Inspired by chapter VI of book one of the Lord of the Rings, The Old Forest, with a nod to the next two at the end.