Poetry by Jeff Green


All of love

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Holding hands and sharing ice-cream, while our toes sink in the tide;
Watching sea gulls fight for morsels, feeling butterflies inside.
Gazing deep into each other, making love without a word,
Gentle kisses, searching fingers, all of love is quite absurd.

Candy flosses at the funfair, tossing rings to win a bear.
People watching as we snuggle, breathing laughter through your hair.
Double dares to ride the dipper, fair reward a heartfelt kiss.
Walking home from such an evening, all of love’s a foolish bliss.

Far too late, but cooking breakfast. You and me, a frying pan.
Do be careful! No don’t tickle!!! I’ll get even when I can.
Eggs and toast and bacon sandwich, in between there’s much to do.
Sitting down to eat together, all of love is wrapped in you.

Days apart but lunch together? Is that how most days must be?
Dreams of holidays and sunshine, when there’s time for you and me.
On the beach or country walking, seeing sights as lovers must;
I don’t mind if you’re there with me, all of love is edged with lust!

Writing verse with strange distraction, nothing better in my mind
You are all I’ve ever wanted never thought I’d ever find.
Now I’ll write a sonnet on you, words of love across each breast
Loving curls of tender letters, all of love is all that’s best!