Poetry by Jeff Green


In addition

by cricketjeff on July 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In the silver glow of moonlight and the golden blaze of sun
There’s a flower in the desert that is always number one
With her face towards the morning or in balmy evening air
There’s a yellow flower blooming that’s the finest anywhere

All around she sees the others try to rise above her face
But this flower of the desert always holds the highest place
With her soft as velvet petals and the colours she displays
There can never be a challenge to the Queen of desert days

We all know this desert beauty as the golden Tory rose
Who has talent in abundance when it’s poetry that flows
As a writer she’s the hottest and as woman that stays true
For this beauty of the desert is the first amongst the few

There is passion in her writing that few poets hope to match
When she’s formally acrostic she’s the greatest of the batch
Then she’s damning all abusers or campaigning for what’s right
Just before she writes erotics that bid everyone goodnight!

There’s a rose that blooms in Texas that’s the finest in the land
If you read her latest writings then I know you’ll understand
That the Mistress of all passion is a poet all should meet
She’s the fiercest and the hottest and she’s also very sweet!