Poetry by Jeff Green


Courting my mistress

by cricketjeff on July 3, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I mmmmmmmm for words that slide across my tongue
And hint at things the writer can’t set free
Such poetry’s the only aqualung
That let’s you dive in metaphor’s rich sea

I sigh for rhymes that break the reader’s heart
And meter that’s a waterfall of sound
Philosophy quite worthy of Descartes
Or mysteries that no-one else has found

The ooohs and aaahs of others if I write
Rewards beyond the dreams of any king
Like kisses from the goddess of the night
A tune that only nightingales can sing

My mistress is the language of the bard
Made richer by the poets of the years
Her intricacies I can’t disregard
Her subtleties are tissues for my tears

In words I taste the spices of the east
And revel in a courtesan’s embrace
It’s poetry not music tames this beast
In verse I find the universe in place

Author notes

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